Hard work and excellent service
TORMEC // commercial (2018)
Content production for Tormec – a car repair shop in Östersund, Sweden – with a funny story behind it.
A day in September 2018 I had to stop at this garage with my 40 year old Volkswagen LT 35 caravan. The engine made funny noises. Quit devastating for me as I was on my way to Lofoten, and I had still 2/3 left on my journey. Patrik and Mattias were surprised to see a car like that, but welcomed me in.
We got a god connection, and the whole thing ended up with me doing content production for them while they fixed my car. We made a film for their social media, website and advertising displays around the city – as well as photographs for their website and ads. The boys fixed the engine, and I head north.

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